Talk with your youth about their Gathering experience!
         Daily Themes and Talking Points - Parental Resource
         Read online or as a PDF.
It might surprise you, but statistics continue to show that parents are the most influential persons in the spiritual lives of young people. We thank you for your service to young people in your home.  
The preparation for and experience of the LCMS Youth Gathering will also be significant for young people in a variety of ways. Learn more about the Gathering here:
Additional Gathering Resources for Parents:
Parental Vocational Role Bible study 
         Read online or as a PDF
Living Love(d) Together Bible study - Parent Resource
         Read online or as a PDF.
Packing for the Gathering - Parental Resouce
         Read online or as a PDF.
This website also contains additional information about the purpose of the LCMS Youth Gathering and frequently asked questions.
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